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Play Run 2 Unbocked

Continue to conquer a long journey with Run 2 game now!
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This time, you will have a chance to explore another fancy space full of dangers. Run 2 is a really simple game. You first choose between a runner and a skater and after that you will be using the right and left arrow keys and the space bar to navigate through the course.
You can always modify these controls though. The runner is easier to control but can’t jump as far. The skater is harder to control the can jump farther. As you navigate the course you will have to collect yellow circles that will provide bonuses to your score.
There are tons of different levels that you can play that offer varying challenges and get progressively more difficult. You can walk on walls simply by touching them.
There are some really cool physics involved in Run 2 game that will really test your thinking and challenges skills as a gamer.
Make an effort to reach further distance and collect the bonuses on your way!
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